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    pardon my french but

    youre a cunt

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  • Kid gets a banana as a prank gift from his parents on his birthday. Look at his excitement. This kid is my hero. 

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    When they make a black widow movie, the trailer needs to be all mysterious and the song playing needs to be Scarlett Johansson singing a lullaby cover of the itsy bitsy spider

    I need this in my life

    Yeah but it needs to be dissonant and creepy like those horror movie trailers about dolls who kill you

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    Steal his look: Nash Grier

    Spencer’s Adult Blow-Up Doll - $19.99

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    Steal Her Look: Dancing Emoji

    Marchesa silk gazar gown ($6,950)

    Casadei pumps ($1,300)

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    Steal His Look: Old Man Jenkins

    Kent Wang Polo Light Blue - $265

    Lip Gloss - Charlotte Tilbury - $81

    Miu Miu Sunglasses - $390

    Irish Walking Stick - $67.99

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    The pain meds kicked in…

    umm who the hell is this????????????

    u looking for a wife or nah

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